Wedding outfits to help you upstage the bride… or just look nice in her photos

Let’s be real: you can be super happy that your friend/sister/former college roommate you haven’t spoken to in 5 years has found the fireworks-and-forever kind of love, and still be filled with a sense of trepidation when that scented invite to her wedding is shoved into your mailbox. Weddings can turn even the chillest of couples into stressed-out cash-strapped centerpiece-obsessed monsters, and while you want to be there for them, sometimes, you also want to be far, far away…

We can’t help you find a date, or a gift, or work out how you’re meant to raise the money for the engagement party + the bridal shower + the bachelorette party she wants to have in Cancun, let alone the actual wedding. But we can help you look fabulous af on the day. Here are a few outfit suggestions to make the bride jealous. I mean, happy.

Legally wed

Carrie On Exaggerated Sleeve Scuba Dress

If you’re proud to love pink, if you’re up on the trends and the news, if you enjoy head-turning fashion that’s rooted in the classics, check out the Carrie On Exaggerated Sleeve Scuba Dress. If Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods and Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw decided to collab on a fashion design project, it would probably look like this mash-up made in TV/movie heaven. Made from lightweight scuba, this dress takes the strapless silhouette and the bodycon midi cut and adds avant-garde ruffled sleeves to keep it unique. Just don’t be tempted to stand up and shout ‘I object! Couples IRL tend not to appreciate that.




Take the plunge

Like I Love You Maxi Dress

Low cut, high class. The Like I Love You Maxi Dress shows just the right amount of cleavage, plus it has that maxi-but-mini look that feels like getting away with something. It’s made from lightweight chiffon-style fabric with a defined waistband, a mini skirt lining, and a split up the left thigh. It’s pretty and floaty in that very typically ‘wedding’ way, but it’s just sexy enough to remind everyone you’re not the one getting married…




Catch the bouquet

One More Dance Backless Maxi Dress

OK, if you’re actually intent on catching the bouquet, you’re probably gonna want to wear something more aerodynamic, and less likely to get caught under the stiletto of a rival catcher. Something like this PUMA jumpsuit. But if you’re just aiming to emulate the bouquet’s flowery beauty, the One More Dance Backless Maxi Dress has your back. Except its backless, with a long skirt, a mini skirt lining, and these two long straps at the front that you can tie into a halter neck, or off the shoulder, or over one shoulder. With so many possible ways to wear it, it’s basically got you covered for all the weddings you have to go to this summer.



Say your cowls

Time Is Right Maxi Dress

Fun wedding fact: silk is the traditional gift for a couple’s fourth and twelfth anniversaries – but why wait that long when you could gift them the sight of you rocking something silky at their wedding? There’s basically no reason, which is why you might wanna try the aptly named Time Is Right Maxi Dress, made from silky fabric that’s close to the real deal, and cut bodycon at the top with a cowl neck, criss-crossing adjustable straps at the back, and a split to the thigh for that magical motion.



Something bold, something new

Thank You For That Lace Midi Dress

This is the single af sister of the traditional lace wedding dress – the one you find in the back room doing unrepeatable things with the best man. The Thank You For That Lace Midi Dress is made from lace-look fabric, but it’s not your grandma’s doily collection, cut bodycon and midi length with a halter neck and a shorter skirt lining, plus an open back that you might wanna save for the reception. It comes in a dusty rose pink, and also as a Little Black Dress, if you really wanna break the mold.


The rest is up to you.

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