Why we love white party dresses


White Party Dresses are the sh*t

They really are though. I love white party dresses, so this piece may be a bit biased.. But there’s no other color quite as crisp and clean as white. It’s always popular and it always works year-round. Meaning you don’t have to pack away and pull back out these closet staples as season’s change. White dresses, or all white outfits in general, work just as well in spring as they do in winter. (Ahem, winter whites!) I’m pretty sure the only occasion wearing a white party dress is NOT okay is to someone’s wedding. No one appreciates a bridezilla poppin’ off on they ass.

Look hot in white year round

Since it’s such a neutral color and can match with practically anything.. it’s perfect for every season. Let’s talk winter, for example. Just because it’s cold as balls outside doesn’t mean you’re never going to get dressed up. Whether it be for a date or the club or a girl’s night or whatever.. the white party dress never fails.

Winter inspiration:

white party dresses and cute dresses on shopAKIRA.com

@kkarmalove does it right with the perfect white haute winter look. Taking a sexy bodycon dress and pairing it with a chic winter jacket. (And winter headband to keep those ears warm!) Of course depending no your location in the world, there may or may not be snow.. so heeled booties might be a better option for those of us who get a lot of the white wet stuff.

Fall inspiration:

cute thigh high boots

Spring inspiration:

Nothing makes a girly girl happier than pairing whites with pastels. HelloooOooOooo spring!

white party dresses _ cute mini dresses


Summer inspiration:

I feel like white party dresses are the easiest to show off in summer. They definitely grab attention since eyes are attracted to light. Probably the sexiest type of white party dress? The bodycon.






All these pictures of summer attire and cute white dresses got me day dreaming about warmer weather (as I look outside the window and see snow..)

BRB… reminiscing about wineries and fun outdoor day activities..

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