Why You Need At Least 1 Pair Of Converse Sneakers


Converse sneakers have been around longer than you think

The company was founded in 1908, and for those math-challenged people, that means Converse has been around for 108 years. Granted the company first made galoshes and other “work-related” rubber shoes – by the time 1917 rolled around, they made the first All Star basketball shoe. The design has remained pretty damn consistent over the years. The only thing that changes is new styles added really. Different fabrics and colors and all that. And of course, they very publicly changed their design to add more support but the overall look and feel didn’t change at all, they just made them a little more comfortable to wear. No more fat foot feeling.

very first converse ever made

The very first All Star. As you can see, not much has changed.

first white all star converse sneakers

The first white All Star model via 1936


The 2016 white high top All Star. Click the image to shop now.

Converse sneakers never go out of style

Like, literally never go out of style. Depending on how you style them, they can easily go from the too-cool-for-school hipster look to a very chic-on-the-street blogger look.


Yeah, back in my high school scene days, Converse were the shit. You weren’t a true scene kid (or “hipster” as they somewhat refer to it now) unless you had at least 5 pairs. High tops, low tops, etc. Do you remember the hemp version? That was my go-to for pretty much my entire junior year of high school.




Blogger Chic

You can be wearing fricken pajamas and throw on a pair of converse and instantly transform your outfit. Is it because it’s just a timeless shoe that can carry it’s own weight? Probably.




Versatility is key

Converse sneakers fit so many different demographics, they’re unisex, and they’re a classic sneaker that has a long-standing history. This makes them an undeniably  absolute to every fashionistas closet. Honestly, if you don’t own at least one pair – you should be ashamed. But it’s okay, there’s always opportunities to improve. Getcho self a pair ASAP. Join the club.

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  • Gaurav Bhatia

    Sneakers are all the rage now. They are super comfortable to walk around in and can be worn with any kind of outfit. Thank you for sharing this helpful post about how to pair sneakers with different kinds of outfit. I am definitely buying a pair of Chucks the next chance I get. Looking forward to your next post.



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