How to Win Your Ex Back


Fool proof ways to make sure the guy who got away won’t be getting away from your love anymore! Trust me, I’m a doctor… 

Drunk call him every weekend (even when you’re not drunk)

Everyone knows drunk words are sober thoughts! Don’t be afraid to let him know your true feelings for him. Everyone loves a 2 AM call that sounds like the caller is speaking a different language. Is he starting to scan your calls? Star 67 that call, girl! Surprise, it’s me again.

Send him secret admirer letters with your old inside jokes

He’ll be excited to think you’ve moved on, but don’t let him be the one that gets away! There are not millions of other dudes out there that would treat you way better, and treat you the way you deserve to be treated! He’s the one! Make sure he knows it!

Make sure to show up everywhere he is (thanks for the location sharer Snapchat!)

What a coincidence running into you here for the fifth time now! We have so much in common, want to get back together? Boys love girls who don’t give them space, it makes them feel safe to know you’re always there.

Comment and like all of his social posts

“You look so cute babe!!!”

Not only will this remind him of how attentive you are, it’ll also keep the other girls away. Back off ladies!


Post pictures of the two of you on your social channels

A good #TBT never killed anyone. It’ll be a nice reminder to all your friends that hate him and know you can do better that you don’t want to, and you’re pretty much ready to settle, because uh hello he’s the one!

Photoshop wedding photos of you two – Photoshop your children in for extra oomph

Nothing brings a man back like commitment! Show him the future he’s missing out on!

Keep in contact with his family – hi mom!

“Hey, just wanted to call and let you know your mom says hi, and told me to tell you that you should probably call her more. She misses you too! We should all do lunch soon.”

Wear customized shirts with his face on it

If that isn’t love, IDK what is.

Make plans with his friends to make sure you guys will all be friends when he finally decides to pop the question

Maybe they can even help pick out the ring you want! Why not join friend groups? If anything you’re all going to be doing your kids’ birthday parties together soon enough. Might as well get along!

Text him every day and ask him if everything is okay

“Hey lover! Haven’t heard anything from you in a while! Is everything okay? Miss you”

Or maybe try…. deleting him off of Snapchat, unfollowing him off of social media, getting rid of his contact in your phone, deleting old texts, photos… throwing away old stuff that reminds you of him.

Oh wait you thought I was really going to help you win your ex back…. Hahahahahaahahahahaha. HELLO? Were you not getting the insanely obvious sarcasm? Even Microsoft Word suggested putting a question mark after I typed the title, because it knew this was so wrong.

Move on girl, you’re better than that.

Boy, bye.

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Katelyn Reno is the Social Media Coordinator and Digital Marketing Associate for She has a passion for strong coffee, breakfast foods and befriending every dog in the world. If not found obsessing over new street style pieces, you can find her writing, reading or drinking a dirty martini (potentially all three). Follow her on social @katelynmreno


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