Winter Wears

Every year a good ol’ friend of yours rolls back into town, and no I’m not talking about your ex. I’m talking about Jack Frost, who may be similar to your ex in many ways… cold, annoying, ruins your plans, ya know the deal, but that’s a totally different story!

Jack Frosts enters our lives once again, spreading ice, snow and frostbite throughout. Sometimes we love him, like when Christmas music is acceptable to play, because you can’t sing “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” without actually hoping for snow, come on. But the majority of the time, Jack Frost completely sucks. He just sticks around too long, and has no social cues. You can chill for two months, Jackie, but after that, just leave.

As a kid, winter fashion was just layers upon layers. I swear even if I wanted to go outside for a second I had to gain an extra 100 pounds of snow pants, gloves, hats, sweatshirts, puffer coats, the whole 9 yards.

Now, as an “adult” I can avoid the layers, as I also avoid the outside world. Hibernation season isn’t just for bears… and it’s no coincidence that Netflix just added a bunch of new shows and holiday movies…


But, unfortunately, there are days we must face the cold and can’t do it every time in our fav Champion joggers.

Winter fashion can be cool though (lol get it, cool…) and there are some dope trends to try, and to stay warm while looking incredible.

Shoes are tricky, because if you’re dealing with a ton of walking in the snow/ice a stiletto probably isn’t going to be a good choice for you (unless you are a professional heel wearer then good for you, you’re totally winning). We’ve seen a lot of sweet booties over the year, but the coolest shoe trend of this season is the white bootie.

It goes against everything we’ve ever known as kids with the whole “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule, which I think is why we’re so obsessed. Always rebels at hearts.

Kick up the trend setting with a few of these baddies.


Easy to walk in, because of the thick heel, and a fun unique curve keeping you ahead of the fashion curve.


A little extra height with a skinnier heel (for the daring) and a classic pointed toe. Pairs well with all, and is bound to make a statement.


Something a little extra with these babes. More heel, more detail and a ton of more pairing options!

SIN CITY MID CALF HEELED BOOTS was $44.90 now is $30

A boot we’re not afraid to wear all year long.

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